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Goalkeeping 101 DVD

ONE on ONE Soccer® is one of the most sought after goalkeeper training programs in the United States today for a reason, it places goalkeepers in a training environment that is as demanding as the position itself. Through the years, the unique training curriculum and technical training provided within the program has produced numerous state, regional, national team and professional players. Now, for the first time, there is a DVD that outlines the basic elements of the program and shows you not only the techniques of goalkeeping, exercises to train technique, but also an inside look at some of the philosophies of ONE on ONE Soccer®. Features: - Footwork/Agility Training - Catching - Collapsed Diving - Dealing with Crosses - Breakaways - Boxing - Distribution If you are searching for the perfect goalkeeping DVD, this is the one for you! To be a top-level goalkeeper, you need to be very technically sound...this program will get you there. Learn why so many goalkeepers from across the United States seek this program to truly get them to the next level. It is not just about the training, it is also about the philosophy behind the training that truly determines the success of the player. Goalkeeper Coach for the US Girls U14 National Team, Todd Hoffard was the GK Coach for the New York Red Bulls during the 2011 & 2012 seasons and GK Coach for the MLS All-Stars when they played Manchester United. His stint with NY also included winning the Emirates Cup at Arsenal. Todd was an eight year pro goalkeeper and coached at various DI and DIII colleges. He is the founder of ONE on ONE Soccer! Goalkeepers are different and need to train accordingly! Practice does not make perfect! PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT...we will show you how to accomplish this...

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The Goalkeeper Handbook

By Todd Hoffard

The Goalkeeper Handbook is filled with over 80 complete training sessions for the goalkeeper or coach to take to the training field! This is a one of a kind type of book that gives you 30-60 minute complete training sessions. Every session in this book has been tried and tested on professional, collegiate and youth goalkeepers over the past 10 years. Session plan topics include: Footwork & Handling, Reaction Saves, GK Fitness and more… If you are the player or coach searching for training sessions, then this is the book for you! All you need to do is photocopy the training session and bring it with you to the training field…it is that easy! Or you can even download the book to your iphone or ipad and bring that with you to the fields…

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